Create a Cool Pop-up Event or Shop and Be Ahead of Your Competitors

Who would not like innovative solutions, the surprise effect, and excitement? Pop-up enables to think big and create a solution that the potential customers, as well as partners and the media, will remember. 

Pop-up shops, restaurants, exhibitions, and events are a very common phenomenon in the big cities of the world, and large brands are proving that pop-up is there to stay. A pop-up point of sale is a temporary area for addressing your current and potential customers in a new exciting environment, and for offering them a special experience.

Not just shops, but events as well

Exciting and top-notch examples can be brought from the world not only of pop-up shops but also of pop-up events. For instance, the most famous company in the world dealing with colors, Pantone has opened a pop-up café in Monaco for two summers. There, the customers are offered lunch, coffee, and fresh juices – all of them in the color range and with the logo of Pantone. It is an ideal example of a company taking a creative risk and stepping a big step out of the box of its everyday routine. 

Why do we need something like this? It brings attention, gives material for the social media channels of the company, and for sure, the media are also interested in the topic. A pop-up does not necessarily always have to be oriented on sales – approaching your brand creatively may make the snowball roll and bring much positive attention.

For example, Birdseye, a company dealing with frozen vegetables, opened a pop-up restaurant in London, where the customers could pay for their food with a post on Instagram. All they needed to do was to post a picture of their meal with the hashtag #BirdsEyeInspirations. It was a social media experiment that helped to create free of charge media coverage. 

A Pop-up shop is also an opportunity to experiment with interiors. A small budget does not hinder you from being remarkable. The Australian clothing brand Arnsdorf designed its pop-up shop, using 154 pairs of tights in different colors. Attention was guaranteed and it was world-wide.

What are the pros of a pop-up store?

If the company only has its activities in e-commerce, it is a good chance to test a retail point of sale with the help of a pop-up shop. The costs on a small shop are remarkably lower than in case of a permanent point of sale. 

If the concept and the location of the shop are functioning, it is possible to earn a profit. Furthermore, people still prefer to touch things with their own hand, before they make a purchase. 78 percent of customers take a look at the product in the e-shop in advance, but still make the purchase in a real shop, where they can see the product with their own eyes, and touch it. 

The charm of a pop-up shop is its temporary place and time. It makes the customers feel that the product is available only here and now, which is an advantage of a pop of shop, helping the retailer to sell more. Exclusive products and limited amounts make customers want to make the purchase immediately.

It is ideal to create a pop-up during national holidays, when presents for friends and family are being sought, which means that people are determined to make a purchase. It is easier at Christmas to attract people to get acquainted with your brand in a pop-up shop. In addition to shopping, you should offer something special in your pop-up shop, like mulled wine with gingerbread, or find a suitable marketing trick for your brand. There are many holidays and the sales will surely profit from linking your brand with some events.

But there are even more advantages. A pop-up enables you to get closer to your customers and to personally learn to know their needs and expectations to build up a stronger customer relationship.  A pop-up shop is a good opportunity to educate your customers and give them a better insight into your products and brand. Nowadays, competition is tough in both regular commerce and e-commerce, which makes it necessary to search for opportunities to distinguish yourself.

4 things that need to be done to create a successful pop-up shop: 

1. Find your pop-up shop a location suitable for your target group of customers. 

2. Use mobile web-based business software that enables to make selling easy.

3. Think carefully how your shop should be designed, offer your customers an experience. 

4. Promote for your pop-up shop before opening it.

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