Creating a sales program on Erply POS

This plugin adds Erply POS functionality to sell products as a sales program. The program will be created from a bundle of products. The merchant can sell the program to a customer by creating one invoice. After a sale is made the customer can pick-up purchased products from different locations choosing from different product and amount. Erply POS will hold a record for each customer program status.
The report has been created to see the status of each customer program balance. Also, can be reviewed how many products are sold and delivered to the client by a program.

The example the plugin is LawnCare Program PlugIn.

The user can sell new lawn programs and deliver items from existing ones.
Creating a new sales program the plugin is added to reports menu on Erply Back Office.
sales program01
sales program02
To deliver the products from the sales program the customer active program needs to be searched. The product availability will be shown by each product. After the delivery has been made product quantity will be reduced on the warehouse and the client active program.
sales program03
Sales program report can be withdrawn from Erply for all clients and they programs.
sales program04