Retail CRM

Every transaction is an opportunity to start and build a long-term customer relationship. Erply provides a number of flexible options for you and your employees to capture and update customer information.


Customer Information

Build the foundation for effective customer engagement


Any sales associate has the ability to create a new customer using the POS. Capture all relevant information, name, contact information, birthday. There’s even space for a few notes.


Use Erply’s sales reports to track customer purchasing habits and create promotions tailored to their interests. Each customer profile stores the customer’s purchase history, including payment status, quotes, and special orders.


While Erply provides a database to store all customer information, some customers might be whole businesses unto themselves. Use Erply to save the company and department information and maintain positive business relationships.

Managing customer information in Erply

At the point of sale, any sales associate can create a new customer profile on the fly, requiring minimum information.

In the back office, a customer profile can include much more detailed information such as:

  • Banking information
  • Multiple addresses
  • Payment terms

Loyalty Program

Encourage your customers to come back, while you learn more about them

Loyalty programs in Erply are an opportunity for you to keep customers coming back to your store, and an opportunity to collect more data on purchasing behavior.

It takes a lot less effort to keep a customer than it does to find a new one. Retail businesses need to play smart in order to ensure that their valued customers keep coming back.

Save customer contact information when they sign up for your loyalty program and reach out with promotions relevant to their purchases. Decide how many points customers earn, what items they can earn them on, and how earned points can be redeemed.

Fully customizable loyalty programs

Use our loyalty program tools to create a model that works best for your business. Assign loyalty points to specific products or product groups. Opt certain items out of your loyalty program or set up specific purchasing conditions to enable a customer to earn loyalty points.

With Erply’s flexible loyalty point system, you can:

  • Sign up members and viewpoint balances at the POS
  • Determine how many points a customer earns per purchase
  • Gift extra reward points to customers
  • Decide which employees can adjust reward point totals

There are loyal customers and there are really loyal customers. Track your top earners and see which promotions bring them back in, while gaining valuable CRM information.

Customer Grouping

See your customers differently

Your customers aren’t all the same. They may live in different locations, buy different products, frequent your store at different times, or have a special status that you want to track. Organize them into groups to better track their behavior and respond appropriately.

With Erply, you can organize your customers into groups and sub-groups: VIPs, friends & family, loyalty members, wholesalers, or however else you want to segment them.

Filter reports by customer group. Use customer groups to give you more insight into your sales. Do different customer groups buy different product sets? How do they respond to promotions and discounts? You can learn this information with Erply.

Boost your bottom line with segmentation

With Erply, you can generate different customer reports to support your marketing strategies with sales data. Identify purchasing trends across multiple demographics or see how often different customer groups make returns, and what returns they are making.

Rewarding customer groups can be used as an additional method of building customer loyalty. Create unique price lists and assign them to your customer groups to give discounts to wholesalers or VIP shoppers.

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