Custom sales report from Erply

This is an example of custom report plugin. This custom report is made to get monthly or over the manual period sales by different payments.
First, you can choose the reporting period and can choose short or extended report.

sales report

A short report gives the sum of all card payments, cash, gift card and cash out values.

Sales (alv24%)
Sales Vat total
Card payment
Cash (to bank)
Gift card
Cash out


An extended report shows all payments grouped by payment type.



Extended Monthly Sales Report
2017-01-01 – 2017-01-06
Sales (alv24%)
Sales Vat total
Sold gift cards
Card payment  – VISA ELECTRON
Card payment – MC DEBIT
Card payment – DEBIT
Card payment– VISA
Card paymenti – MASTERCARD
Card payment  – Muut
Card payment – MC CREDIT
Card payment – AMEX
Card payment – V PAY
Card payment – MAESTRO
Card payment – IKANO VISA
Card payment – DINERSCLUB
Card payment – VISA CREDITO
Card payment – RB VISA
Card payment – DINERS
Card payment– VISA CLASSIC
Card payment– VISAELECTRON
Card paymenti – SPV VISA SMART
Cash (to bank)
Gift card
Gift card SKJ
Store credit
Cash out


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