Customer Reviews

“As a startup business that manufactures, takes special orders for custom manufacturing, and also runs a POS, ERPLY has been able to meet all those needs all in one package. It is truly one of the most versatile solutions, especially for the upfront cost. The main reasons I selected ERPLY over other systems were for the true POS, complete with a touch-screen friendly interface, and for the promise of the ability to integrate with an e-commerce online web store. Idaho, USA”

Kenny Hibberd

“We have been working with ERPLY for several months, managing our inventory for both online and offline sales through the ERPLY POS. The system is fresh, fast and straightforward and a pleasure to work with.

Rich in well-thought out features, which support our complex SKU catalogues and purchase processes, ERPLY also comes with elaborate reporting features out of the box.

Most importantly, the ERPLY team has been extremely responsive to our custom needs and requests. In the rare cases in which we encountered an irregularity on the platform, the team fixed the issue swiftly. Several new features (e.g., location based tax rates for our POS) were implemented at our request – a level of customer focus, which we dearly missed when testing alternative systems in the market.”

Stephan J.

“ERPLY stands out with it’s easy to use straightforward user interface. Available in many different languages. Live dashboarding. It cuts IT and maintenance and extras costs. Friendly philosophy: a customer should have a full product with all the necessary modules and features you actually want to use. And all that for no extra costs. You don’t have to pay more for a packet of sauce with your fries. You can start using Erply’s software with all its modules right after signing up.”