Dee-O-Gee is ERPLY’s Customer of the Month!

ERPLY is excited to highlight our long time customer Dee-O-Gee, Dog Boutique and Pet Supply Store as our Featured Customer for January 2017! Josh and Holly Allen are the owners and operators of five successful store locations. Established in 2008, the Allen’s have successfully expanded their business with the help the ERPLY Franchise Plan. All of their physical locations and their online store are handled through ERPLY. This allows them to keep track of all their data across every location in one easy place. Here you can find all of  your four-legged friend needs from grooming, daycare, nutrition, supplements and more. What sets them apart is Dee-O-Gee is known as an “all-natural” dog and cat food store filled with recycled foods and toys. Dee-O-Gee has been a proud partner of ours for over four years, and are excited to see what the future has in store for all locations!    


image03WHY ERPLY?

Q: What elements of ERPLY does your business use day-to-day?

A: Point of Sale and Inventory Tracking and Management (Back Office).

Q: How has ERPLY positively impacted your business?

image02A: ERPLY provided a great structure for day to day operations and future growth through additional locations.

Q: What experiences would you like to share with other ERPLY customers?

A: The ability to seamlessly add multiple physical locations and integrate with our Shopify store is awesome!

Q: What was the biggest struggle that ERPLY helped your business with?

A: How to strategize structures to scale and grow.


110 West 40th, Ste. 1801, NY, 10016
917.210.1251 //



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