Did You Know That Erply Lets You Quickly View Product Parameters?

From time to time, the need may arise to change the parameters of a product description you’ve already entered in your product catalogue. Erply just improved the clumsy system by introducing a plugin that lets you quickly and comfortably display product parameters without having to open the product card.

To activate the function on Erply’s PIM, download the Dynamic Product Catalogue plugin that allows you to make adjustments without having to open the product card.


The plugin also displays more information in the preview window and lets you customize what you see.


With the plugin, you can choose, which columns you want to see, select parameters, and enter and configure searches. The plugin also enables you to sort products and drag columns.


By default, the plugin displays 20 matches, but you can customize it to 50, 100, 150 or 200 products.

Ask for the Dynamic Product Catalogue plugin at help@erply.com or by phone at +1 917 210 1251.

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