Digital Time Clock: Maintaining Employee Accountability

Back in the day, employers would keep track of employee time using a paper-based system. Even today, some businesses still track employee hours on paper.

There are a few problems with using a paper system:

  •       The threat of loss of records
  •       Destruction of records
  •       Accountability issues
  •       Too time-intensive

With the advent of employee time clocks, these issues moved to the background. They do still exist, but electronic time clocks have greatly reduced the risk of these problems.

If you’re still using a paper-based system, the amount of time and effort you expend tracking hours manually will be excessive. In addition, if employees dispute their hours and you still work with paper-based records, the true number of hours will forever remain unclear. Think of an employee time clock as an investment in your employees and in your business.

Not all Point of Sale solutions includes an employee time clock. Even those that do have an employee time clocks don’t always have the one that is best for your employees. Erply’s POS comes with one of the most advanced employee time clocks on the market. Some of the things you can do with the time clock feature are:

  • Clock in from anywhere
  • Create unique logins for each employee
  • Export a record of hours worked
  • Modify hours in the system

Let’s take a closer look at how each of these features can streamline your employee time tracking.

Clock In From Anywhere

Advances in digital technology have made it unnecessary to be at the POS terminal to clock in for a shift. Erply’s POS time clock lets your employees log in from any device; even mobile devices work with this. You can then monitor the time they clocked in from your own computer in the back office to ensure employees are following all of your rules regarding attendance. Worried about employees clocking in while at home? Erply tracks the IP address of anyone that logs into your account. This way, you can be sure your employees are where they say they are without having to be there yourself.

The ability to clock in from anywhere becomes dramatically more important when your employees have the ability to work remotely. Logically, it’s quite hard for an employee to work remotely if they have to spend an hour in the morning and in the afternoon driving to and from the office to punch the clock. Once again, Erply’s POS time clock allows employees to clock in from their own device so they never have to leave their home office!

Create Unique Logins For Each Employee

Tracking employee hours by hand gets quite messy when you start to hire more employees. Some will have the same name, some will have names that you mix up with other employees, and various other issues. That’s why Erply’s POS time clock feature lets you create a unique login for every employee you hire.

One especially useful feature that our timeclock has is the ability to create groups. By organizing your employees into groups, you can define who has authority to view certain data and perform certain actions. By doing this, you can ensure that all employees have access only to what their job function allows them to have access to.

Export A Record of Hours Worked

An essential part of employee hour tracking is reporting. Clean, concise reports make it easy for you to analyze the time your employees recorded and spot errors or false clock-ins or clock-outs. With our POS time clock feature, you can export a digital version of all employee hours.

Modify Hours In the System

Every once in a while, you’ll notice employees have a day with an absurd number of hours recorded, followed by a day with barely any hours at all! Chances are the employee simply forgot to clock out and so the clock ran for long after their shift ended. Other times, employees might try to slip a few extra hours in here or there under your nose. Although not common, it happens.

Situations like this can be frustrating and mess up your payroll. Lucky for you, our timeclock lets you easily adjust employee hours so they truly reflect the time your employees put in. Employee hours can be perfect before you submit your payroll, meaning less confusion for both you and your employees regarding paychecks.

Keep Track of Your Employees

The benefits of an electronic time clock feature cannot be understated. With our timeclock feature, you can manage every aspect of your employees working time for accurate hourly records and improved payroll. From creating user groups to accurate reporting, the Erply POS time clock has everything you need to streamline your recordkeeping and make accurate your payroll numbers.

If you’re looking to get your timekeeping in order, speak to us today!

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