Eco-Friendly Shops Are More Popular!

Eco-Friendly Shops Are More Popular!

When it comes to customers, there are a lot of important criteria for them to choose their favorite brand. Public awareness for environmental issues has created a shift in the marketplace. Customers are now leaning towards sustainable, green and organic products. They are searching for stores and manufacturers who operate by using environmentally friendly methods.

Being cautious is not only beneficial for the environment. It can help your business to save on some costs, and increase your sales. Your smart behavior will not go unnoticed by your customers. Whether you have a small shop, restaurant or a big retail chain, you can always show your sensibility. Here are some small changes that you can apply to your business.

Start simple

It is old but gold. Offering plastic bags to your customers while claiming to be eco- friendly isn’t the best way to start. You can prefer paper or recyclable bags. If you are a small retailer, you can create your own brand’s cloth bags with a nice and simple design. This also helps you create brand awareness locally. Don’t forget the fact that consumers are willing to pay more for products and services that come from brands that are committed to positive social and environmental impact.

Whenever possible, skip paper entirely, but if you have to print, make sure you are using eco-friendly paper. In Erply POS, you can choose either printing receipts or send online invoices to your customers via email.

Your green and local products

Going green doesn’t necessarily mean that you only have to sell organic materials. Having few environmentally conscious products in your stock can better show your vision and commitment to your customers. Have you ever noticed a “green products corner” at any shop? These products can be related to the service or product you are providing in any single way. The important thing is to offer a variety to your customers. In the meantime, reconsidering your supplies and creating a long term transmission to eco-friendly products is not a bad idea, and no, it is not impossible.

Supporting local businesses is important for both the economy and the environment. Producing with local materials decreases your brand’s carbon footprint and improves both your business as well as your community. Reviewing your supply chain can help also

 you to decrease some costs. While doing that, you can search for similar products made from renewable resources. 

Behind the Scene

Becoming an eco- friendly shop needs time, and it might be expensive at the first. But that is why it needs commitment, which is the thing that draws you new customers and gives your shop a nice image. There are a lot of small but important things that you should consider. Changing to energy efficient light bulbs, encouraging existing vendors to ship products in less elaborate packaging or even considering switching to suppliers that are less wasteful. If you are a grocery shop or have a restaurant, you should pay a lot of attention to composting. Try to find creative ways to encourage your customers to create less waste in your restaurant.

Many businesses leave cash registers, computers etc. on day and night. Eliminate the unnecessary use of electricity by turning off your electronic devices during down times. If you are considering to redesign your shop, try to pay attention to take in the maximum amount of daylight. If you would like to add some “green” to your shop and improve the air quality, you can place indoor plants under air conditioning vents.

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