ERPLY 2015 Back Office: Have You Seen It?

If you have not heard, ERPLY has released a new look for the Back Office. With vivid colors and simplified functionality similar to those on the POS, ERPLY 2015 brings speed and efficiency to traditional Back Office functions.

This is the new Module bar in ERPLY 2015. Each Module now has + buttons to make creating new documents much quicker.
You can often find more options on the Bottom Utility Bar within each module. The Utility Bar will give you quick access to Imports, Settings, Label Printing and much more. You can hide or show the bar using the button found on the bottom left-hand corner.



ERPLY 2015 can also be accessed on Smart Phones & Tablets. The Mobile interfaces allow for orders to be made and processed in just a few simple touches. With a cleaner interface, ERPLY 2015 Mobile provides the user with on the go Inventory Management and document creation.

With 2015 coming to an end, ERPLY continues to revolutionize the Inventory Management software world. Look for updates in coming weeks as ERPLY regularly updates and improves all aspects of the software. With ERPLY, you will always be ahead of the game.




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