ERPLY 2016 Highlights

2016 has been quite the year for ERPLY and our customers. Our team has gotten larger, we’ve opened a new office on the east coast, and traveled to new states for our customers. Below are a few of our favorite highlights and stats of 2016.

Support Team Statistics

Throughout the year, we’ve been tracking data on emails, phone calls, and customer satisfaction through the help of our email and phone software. Check out below for some interesting stats gathered up by looking over the data we’ve accumulated over the past year!


Email Statistics

hourstosolveTotal Tickets Created: ~7,400 (13.5% less than last year)

29 new emails per weekday.

Average Resolution Time (Email): 1.6 hours

At first glance, having a downward trend of 13% may seem bad, but this is actually a great accomplishment by the team! This year our Support Team has received significantly less emails thanks to the easier to use UI and our redesigned Onboarding/Launch process. This is one of the few places in a business that a downwards trend is good, and we’re hoping as Berlin UI for both the Back Office and Point of Sale evolves, this trend continues into 2017.


Though slightly skewed due to weekends and non office hours, ticketsyearthe average ticket is resolved within a day of it coming into the Support Inbox, if not quicker. Emails are not used for emergency support, so this resolution time is expected to be longer than our phone support. For any emergency support, you can always contact us via phone.


New Customer Launches & Screen Share Statistics

Total Screen shares: 2,769

10 shared screens per day

Average Time: 22:58

Total Time: 1,060 hours, or 132 full business days.

Our Support Team sometimes needs to remotely take control of computers, share their screens, or have customers screens shared with them. Sharing the same screen helps us resolve issues quicker and train customers more effectively.


Phone Support Statistics

Phone calls taken: 15,326

59 phone calls per day

Average Resolution Time (Phone): 5:23

Total time on all calls: 1,384 hours, or 173 full business days.

This data tells us quite a few things;

  1. The average phone support call is resolved within the first 6 minutes.
  2. Of the 260 work days of the year, our team spends 173 of those days building customer relations and answering questions live over the phone.
  3. The average amount of phone calls each day is roughly 59. This does not include weekend or non business hours.


This chart shows our satisfaction rate by month. What each bar shows is the total amount of feedback for the month, and then what percentage of that feedback if good vs bad. Sadly this graph was not able to be embedded so hovering over each section does not show the exact percentage, but as you can see the good feedback far outweighs the bad on every month. Towards the end of 2016 our support team transitioned to a new email client, as shown by the drop of feedback and tickets in general from November to December.



Travel Highlights!

We don’t just focus on our statistics, we also have great stories from our staff. Our employees have been traveling across state lines for our customers and even around the globe to other ERPLY branches for team building exercises.

With such a global team, we do our best to make sure everyone is comfortable and confident with their fellow coworkers. Earlier this year, a few members of our United States branch visited our Estonian Headquarters to talk with our development team along with our Estonian support and sales coworkers. Below are some notable moments from our ERPLY Sales Team.

“A few of us traveled out of state to launch a large customer, and since we were so far away from home, I was out of my comfort zone. I spent time beforehand getting very prepared for this trip, and it was definitely helpful as they asked every question in the book.”

“ERPLY gave me a chance to see a state I would have most likely never been able to see otherwise, but more importantly it gave me invaluable sales experience.”

“Traveling to Estonia and meeting the Development and Sales Team there was definitely my highlight of 2016. It’s great to be able to put faces to names and forging a closer relationship with the team at HQ. The entire team seems to really enjoy being together and they have a great sense of humor.”


Celebration Highlights!

ERPLY has had plenty of reasons to celebrate this year. We’ve opened a new branch in Providence, R.I, had new hireds in both United States offices, and met with our partners to discuss new hardware and software they plan on implementing with us – but that’s for another time.

“Being hired this year, my highlights were being welcomed as a new member of the office and closing my first sale as part of ERPLY.”

“Our holiday party is always a blast. This year we stayed in the office rather than going out and put a Yule Log on the conference room TV. It was memorable, for sure.”

“When the new office was opened, a few employees from the New York office came down to help us move everything in, get situated, and then we all grabbed lunch together. Knowing that these are the kind of people I would be working with definitely made work less stressful and more relaxed.”


Our team has had quite the year and we hope you have too! From all of us at ERPLY, we hope you have a happy and healthy New Year! Thanks for being part of the ERPLY family!

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