Erply API version 1.5.1

  • One new partner key added.
  • Field “epsiURL” added to API verifyUser and switchUser calls.
  • Field “rightAddRewardPoints” added to API getUserRights.
  • API addCustomerRewardPoints now returns error 1061 if editing customers’ reward point amounts has been disabled for this user group.
  • API saveSalesDocument now allows to make certain edits to the rows of a confirmed invoice. Rows cannot be added or removed, and products and quantities cannot be changed — but it is possible to edit prices, discounts, tax rates and other retail information.

This limitation (that it is not possible to add, remove or change quantities and products) is enforced by the inventory module. When a sales invoice is confirmed, ERPLY generates “inventory records” from it, to remove the sold items from stock. However, you can still delete or credit a confirmed document if necessary.

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