Erply API version 1.10.7, 1.10.8

  • Configuration parameter "receipt_language_for_product_names" implemented. It should be set to a language code (“eng”, “ger”, “swe” etc.); when set, the item names on POS receipts will always be printed in specified language, even if the rest of the receipt is in another language.
  • Customer IP address (output field “ipAddress”) added to API verifyUser, switchUser and changePassword.
  • Support for archived tax rates added. API getVatRates outputs whether a tax has been archived or not, and has a flag for filtering only archived or only non-archived taxes; API saveVatRate can be used to archive or de-archive a tax. (Archiving tax rates was added in classic back office version 4.3.62.)
  • Field “shippingDate” added to API getSalesDocuments and saveSalesDocument.
  • API getReasonCodes now supports new reason code types, CASH_IN (for POS cash-in operations) and CASH_OUT (for POS cash-out operations).
  • The Z Report now respects the "users_can_see_only_own_warehouse_documents" configuration setting and will not output data for locations for which the user does not have rights.
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