Erply API version 1.10.9

  • “PayPal Here” added to the list of payment processing gateways. (API getGateways now returns it as one of the options.)
  • Endpoint URL of the Paypal Here gateway added to API verifyUser, changePassword and switchUser calls.
  • Service endpoint URLs (Cayan, Avalara, Pusher, StrikeIron, PayPal) are now also returned to Providence POS, in addition to Berlin POS. (In API verifyUser, changePassword and switchUser calls.)
  • Filter “pointOfSaleID” added to API getSalesDocuments.
  • Additions to the “Quantities in Bins” API:
    • Input filters “allowedProduct” and “code” added to API getBins. Both return exact matches only.
    • Input filter “minimumAmount” added to API getBinQuantities — to return only those bin quantities which are larger or equal to the specified value.
    • Fields “replenishmentMinimum” and “maximumAmount” in bins have been changed from integer to decimal. API saveBin and getBins now support and return fractional values for these two fields.

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