Erply API version 1.11.1

New features

  • Filters “shipDateFrom” and “shipDateTo” have been added to API getPurchaseDocuments.
  • Fields “addedByUsername” and “lastModifiedByUsername” have been added to API getProducts.
  • Fields “currencyRate” and “applyQuotedPrices” have been added to API calculateShoppingCart.
    • “currencyRate” allows retrieving shopping cart total in some other currency than system default. However, this works when only price lists are applied to the sale; promotions should then be disabled by setting the flag “doNotApplyPromotions” = 1.
    • “applyQuotedPrices” lets you apply “a price from customer’s previous quote”. Read the documentation, however; the behaviour of that flag may depend on account settings.
  • New Greek accounts will be now created with the “Q-Zone” branding by default.


  • Fixed: due to an inappropriate rounding step, API calculateShoppingCart returned a non-zero promotionDiscount when there actually weren’t any promotions applying to the shopping cart item. In POS, this had the effect that receipt discount and total changed every time when user pressed the “Save” button in the “Discount” screen.
  • Fixed: API calculateShoppingCart did not take into account that selecting invoice calculation algorithm also depends on selected document type, not just country. On European accounts and in Berlin back office, this had the effect that tiny discount amounts appeared on invoice rows even when user did not adjust the price.
  • Fixed: API getProductStock did not identify a product as “changed” when synchronizing data with the “changedSince” filter and using the “getAmountReserved” flag, and only the reserved quantity had changed between two synchronizations.
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