Erply API version 1.14.0

New features

  • “Invoice-level promotions that do not apply on top of other discounts” implemented in API call calculateShoppingCart. If you have classic back office 4.5.0 or newer, you can set up a promotion that gives a percentage discount on the entire purchase, except those items that already have a discount: whether from a promotion, a price list or applied manually by the cashier.
    • To be able to specify such promotions in back office, you also need three additional modules activated on your account: “Promotion Report”“Applied Price Lists” and “Applied Manual Discount”.
  • Support of attributes added for recurring billing — to API calls getBillingStatements and saveBillingStatement.


  • Fixed: a promotion “Get $ or % discount on entire purchase in exchange for loyalty points” did not respect the “Further Restrictions” part: that the discount should not apply to certain products, or that the discount should only apply to explicitly listed products.
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