Erply API version 1.15.0

New features

  • API call getProductStock now allows to retrieve inventory quantity summarized across all locations — by omitting the "warehouseID" input parameter.
    • To exclude the quantities in locations designated as “offline warehouses” for returned inventory, an API client can specify the "excludeOfflineWarehouses" = 1 flag.
    • Please note that it is not possible to simultaneously retrieve total quantity across all locations and:
      • Reorder Points and Restock Levels ("getReorderPoints" = 1);
      • Most recent cost ("getSuggestedPurchasePrice" = 1);
      • Average purchase price and cost ("getAveragePrices" = 1);
      • or, to filter only products with Reorder Point defined or Restock Level defined. To use these filters or flags, "warehouseID" parameter is still required.


  • The ability to synchronize changes in reserved quantities with API call getProductStock has been improved.

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