Erply API version 1.18.0

New features

  • New API call getRoundedSales has been added. It returns a list of invoices, receipts, invoice-waybills and credit invoices where invoice total has been rounded.
    • Rounding can be configured from back office: Settings → Configuration → Invoices and sales. Invoices can be rounded to the nearest 0.05, nearest 0.10, or full units.
    • In certain countries, sales paid in cash are rounded to the nearest 0.05, too.
  • Promotions can now be “enabled” and “disabled” with a check box (in addition to adjusting start and end dates). Field "enabled" has been added to API calls saveCampaign and getCampaigns.
    • This feature needs to be activated by customer support. Please contact customer support if you need this feature.
    • Additionally, it requires Classic back office version 4.7.0 or newer.


  • API responses are now returned with an appropriate “Content-Type” HTTP header:
    • “application/json” for JSON output;
    • “application/xml” for XML output.
  • Field "storeGroup" has been added to API call getCampaigns.
  • In API call saveCampaign, the default value for input parameter "type" is now "auto".
  • One new partner key added.
  • A hardcoded customer-specific setting removed.


  • Fixed: promotion settings “Each customer can use the promotion only once” and “Promotion can only be used once on every birthday” were not being respected. This was a regression introduced in API version 1.13.0.
  • Fixed: an error in API call saveAddressType.
  • Fixed: Promotions marked with the check box “Allow the same items to trigger other promotions after this promotion has been applied” were in some cases being applied to the sale too many times.
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