Erply API version 1.20.0

New features

  1. API call verifyUser no longer allows PIN authentication. For an alternative, please see the switchUser call. It requires the previous session’s key as input, meaning that authenticating with a PIN is possible only if another user has been previously logged into your application.
  2. Authentication calls (verifyUserswitchUser and changePassword) now enforce a maximum session length of 1 day (86400 seconds). If you request a session longer than that, API will still generate a session that expires in 86400 seconds.
  3. Support for a customer registry microservice has been added.
  4. Feature “Minimum Password Age” has been implemented. This feature may be used to limit how often regular (non-administrator) users can change their password (eg. no more frequently than once every 5 days).
    • This feature can be enabled by setting configuration parameter "minimum_password_age" to the desired number of days.
    • The corresponding implementation for Classic back office will be added in version 4.7.0.


  1. In sign-up e-mails, support contact information for Finland has been updated.
  2. An optimization in API call getSalesDocuments.


  1. Fixed: API call getAmountsOnOrder returned incorrect quantities.
  2. Fixed: API call editAssortmentProducts incorrectly reported that a product does not exist in the assortment.
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