Erply API version 1.22.4

New features

  1. API call savePayment now accepts new input parameter "transactionTime" for Verifone Finland and Nixpay (Nixor) payments.

    This extra field is needed for Berlin POS. To make this field available, extra module “Transaction Time of a Payment” needs to be installed to your account. Please contact customer support for that. Without that extra module, these two payment integrations cannot be used.

    Classic back office (starting with version 4.10) and Berlin back office (starting with version 5.10) will warn if you attempt to configure a register to use Verifone Finland or Nixpay (Atos Worldline) payments, and this module has not been installed yet.


  1. Fixed: in a bulk request, it was not possible to make queries in different languages (eg. to retrieve product names in English and product groups in German). This caused an issue with weighted products on Greek accounts.
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