Erply API version 1.27.2, 1.27.3


  1. Filter "getItemsFromFirstPriceListOnly" in API call getProducts has been optimized and is now faster with locations that have a very large primary price list.
  2. Improved support for load balancing of API servers.
  3. Support for a new POS application added.
  4. When attempting to set an attribute’s value to an array, API now returns error code 1014, instead of converting it to an empty value.


  1. Fixed: coupons associated with one-time promotions (automatic coupons that Erply itself generates, to keep track which customers have already used the promotion) are now set to “redeemed” status again. This was a regression from API version 1.22.

    Functionally, it does not matter whether the coupon’s status is “active” or “redeemed”. However, some customers were used to seeing these coupons in back office’s “Coupons, gift cards” report, and reported that the coupons no longer show up.

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