Erply API version 1.33.0

New Features

  1. New API calls verifyIdentityToken and createUserFromIdentityToken have been added.
  2. Support for the product card check box “Promotion discounts do not apply to this product” has been added to calculateShoppingCart. (This check box was added in Classic back office 4.18.0.)
  3. New account creation (API call createInstallation) and API calls saveUser and changePassword now require passwords to contain at least one small letter, one capital letter and one digit. For passwords that do not meet that requirement, error code 1102 is returned.


  1. Field "bankTransactionID" has been added to the output of API call getPayments.


  1. Fixed: API call getProductPricesInPriceLists only supported retrieving active price lists. Retrieving all price lists (with input parameter "active" = 0) failed with a fatal error.
  2. Fixed an issue where data (eg. products) added into a franchise account with partly-shared and partly-local data would get assigned incorrect IDs.
  3. Fixed: when integrated with a standalone customer registry, several API calls (such as saveGiftCard) still attempted to validate a customer ID using the local database and thus failed.

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