Erply API version 1.9.0

  • When a promotion applies multiple times, API applyPromotions now creates just one statistics entry, instead of multiple ones.
  • Field “isOfflineInventory” added to API getWarehouses.
  • Fields “signUpStoreID” and “homeStoreID” added to API getCustomers and saveCustomer.
  • New API calls added:
  • New output fields added to API getProducts:
    • extraField1Title, extraField1ID, extraField1Code, extraField1Name;
    • extraField2Title, extraField2ID, extraField2Code, extraField2Name;
    • extraField3Title, extraField3ID, extraField3Code, extraField3Name;
    • extraField4Title, extraField4ID, extraField4Code, extraField4Name.
  • Note that both the new API calls, as well as the extra fields in API getProducts, require customer support to enable a new module on your ERPLY account.
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