ERPLY Back Office version 4.3.11

  • New report: Reports → Z Report → Sales and Payments By Date.
    • The report lets you compare daily payments to total daily sales revenue (and COGS). This is primarily oriented for retail businesses where invoices are created and paid on the same day.
    • The new report also has CSV / Excel export.
  • CSV / Excel export added to:
    • Promotion Report;
    • Inventory By Items Report;
    • Stock Replenishment Report (CSV only).
  • Columns “On Order” and “In Transfer” added to:
    • Inventory By Items Report;
    • Stock Replenishment Report.
  • If you view Inventory By Items Report without specifying a location, the report now tells which location each line is for.
  • Time column added to “Sales By Invoice” and “Sales By Invoice Rows” reports.
  • Report generator: fields “Received Purchase Orders (Our no.)” and “Received Purchase Orders (Tracking no.)” added to purchase invoices.
  • Security fixes.
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