ERPLY Back Office version 4.3.6

  • New features added to Stock Replenishment:
    • New option “Show: weeks of stock / days of stock”
    • With configuration parameters, it is possible to enable extra columns:
      • Weeks of ordered supply
      • Sales price
      • Average warehouse price
      • Warehouse total
  • New variation of Sales Reports has been added: “By Matrix Product, with Drilldown”.
  • Stock Replenishment Report and “Matrix Inventory Report + Period Purchase and Sales” now show the amount on order (purchase orders not yet fulfilled) and the amount being transferred from other locations (amount on Inventory Transfer Orders, not yet fulfilled) in two separate columns.
  • In a promotion “Buy product X and get product Y with a discount”, it is now possible to set how many items customer can get with a discount: only one, a specific number of items, or unlimited items.
  • Time filter has been added to Sales Reports.
  • A configuration setting has been added, to force a US account to calculate and show prices in the European way (with tax included) or vice versa. Please consult the development team if this parameter might need to be applied.
  • When a bundle is sold, ERPLY now calculates components’ prices more precisely and avoids the “Bundle markup” line when possible.
  • Fixed: When user does not have access to the Price Lists module, Price List fields are now hidden from invoice form.
  • Fixed: Sales Promotion Report (Reports -> Sales Promotions) was missing the “Show Report” button.
  • “Payments Summary” report: a few adjustments to payment grouping.
  • Security fixes.
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