ERPLY Back Office version 4.3.43

  • Fixed: automatic transfer of returned items to offline inventory now takes place whenever there is a negative quantity with an appropriate reason code on a sales invoice. Formerly, this only worked with credit invoices. Additionally, the feature can now be enabled and disabled from Settings → Configuration → Inventory and Purchase – Enable Extra Features: a check box ☑ Enable discount and return reason codes on sales invoices has been added.
  • Purchase document form now hides the Purchase Price, Discount and other columns for users who do not have the right to see product costs. This means that it is now OK to give module access to the users who should not see product costs. They will be able to create and receive POs, without seeing supplier pricing.
  • Purchase Reports, PO Report, Stock Replenishment Report, product export now respect the configuration parameter "users_can_see_only_own_warehouse_documents".
  • Configuration parameter "force_pricing_logic_algorithm" implemented. This parameter overrides country-specific rules for price handling. More information is available in the documentation.
  • Fixed: a user with now rights for the Invoices module could not make a copy of a Quote.
  • Fixed: one error in report generator.
  • A few Latvian, Lithuanian translations updated.
  • Security fixes.
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