ERPLY Back Office version 4.3.46

New features

  • Added configuration parameter "autogenerate_appliance_from_sold_product". This enables a specific feature: a product can be marked with a check box “Is appliance”. Whenever such an item is sold, an Appliance (in the Assignments module) gets automatically created. On the invoice row, there is a link to the created appliance.
  • Added configuration parameter "report_generator_max_multiselect_items". This adjusts the threshold (number of records) at which the report generator starts displaying a filter as a regular text field, instead of a multi-select dropdown with all the options listed.
  • Time filter added to Sales Promotions report.


  • Long purchase documents are now a lot more responsive.
  • In Russian, translation “VAT Number” has been changed to ИНН.


  • Fixed: automatic update of matrix variations (when the parent product’s information was changed) did not update the variations’ last change timestamp.
  • Fixed: links pointed to wrong documents in the “PO Report”.
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