ERPLY Back Office version 4.3.50

New features

  • Product card, section “Stock levels” now contains a new column, “In Transfer”. It shows the number of items that are being transferred from other locations.
  • Clicking on the “Ordered” or “In Transfer” figure opens a window with more detailed information; there is a list of pending Purchase Orders as well as Inventory Transfer Orders. The same improved report can also be opened from Inventory module, link “PO’s”.
  • Column “In Transfer” has also been added to report “Unfulfillable Sales Orders”.


  • Optimized Stock Replenishment:
    • Loading a long report should no longer fail with an error.
    • Report should be calculated faster.
  • One Spanish translation updated.
  • Field “Discount / return reason code”, and customer’s bank name and account number have been added to Actual Reports sales document printouts.
  • Changes in a customer-specific report.
  • “Invoice sum in words” now supported in Lithuanian.


  • Fixed: store credit will no longer be applied to fulfilled prepayment invoices.
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