ERPLY Back Office version 4.3.59

New features

  • Configuration parameters "password_only_alphanumeric_allowed" and "password_alphanumeric_required" have been added. These will restrict what kinds of passwords users can pick.


  • Fields “Home Store” and “Sign-up Store” now added to companies as well (in addition to persons).
  • Field “Customer group” on customer card now shows customer groups hierarchically, as they are defined.
  • Search field “Payer” (which searches by the payer’s name imported from bank) added to Sales → Payments.


  • Fixed: Creating an invoice from sales order will no longer change the order’s creator and creation time.
  • Fixed: Product card extra field 1-4 filters did not work in Central Purchasing report.
  • Fixed: In special franchise setups, creating invoices from recurring billing statements failed.
  • Fixed: Filter “or enter several service codes” in Sales → Recurring Billing sometimes produced an error.
  • Fixed: Sales documents created over API, for which API has assigned a number, were sometimes not searchable by that number.

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