ERPLY Back Office version 4.4.0

New features

  • New module Inventory → “Pick items to create an order” has been added. It is a convenient way to browse the product catalog and pick items to a “shopping cart”, which can then be turned into a sales order or a purchase order. It can be useful when taking phone orders — or for doing inventory restocking. For each product, ERPLY can show current quantities in various stores, period sales and purchases, amount already on order (or being transferred from other stores), and list price for a specific customer.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 12.28.20

  • Module Reports → Products has been removed from the system. It is recommended to use the abovementioned Inventory “Pick items to create an order” instead. The new module similarly lists the product catalog, provides a more comprehensive set of filters, displays inventory quantity and when you specify a date range, the columns “Sold in Period” and “Purchased in Period” will appear — with each number linked to drill-down data.
  • Configuration parameter "purchase_invoice_due_date_required" added. When this setting is enabled, the “Due date” field on Purchase Invoices will be empty by default, and user will be required to fill it manually.


  • Fixed: On invoice, when you picked the recipient of goods (“Ship to” field), the “Customer” field populated automatically, but other customer-related fields (Deadline, Penalty, Delivery Condition, Invoice Type) did not populate, although this information was specified on customer card.
  • Fixed: When changing customer on an invoice, and the new customer did not have a defined payer, the “Payer” and “Payer Address” fields were not automatically cleared.
  • Security fixes.
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