ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.14

  • Actual Reports: fields “salesPrice” and “salesPriceWithVat” added to Inventory Registrations, Inventory Write-Offs and Inventory Transfers.
  • Module “Settings for Administrator” removed. It contained only obsolete settings.
  • Lithuanian translations updated.

Bug fixes:

  • Layout improvements on several forms.
  • Updated the configuration behind “Help” and “Terms of Service” links.
  • Fixed: Total Quantity field on Invoice form did not have a label.
  • Fixed: Company name was not printed on the sales document printout.
  • Fixed: “Add all items from this product group to price list” was not working.
  • Fixed: When a date field already contains a value, clicking “Today” did not override it.
  • Fixed: “Add” buttons removed from Product card → “Inventory” tab.
  • Fixed: ERPLY should now prevent browsers from incorrectly autofilling arbitrary forms with log-in credentials.
  • Fixed: “Copy” did not copy sales order rows when order had already been invoiced.
  • Fixed: Removed duplicate “New” buttons from Invoices / Orders / Quotes mobile view.
  • Fixed: Start New Stocktaking should open in a new window.
  • Fixed: Adjusted the size of a too small drop-down in Product card → Packages.
  • Fixed: Purchase document form had an empty “Weight” subsection in the sidebar.
  • Fixed: Browser window closed unexpectedly when user navigated from POS to back office via the “Manager” button.
  • Fixed: On invoice, when adding a new customer from the modal dialog, the dialog now closes when the action is completed.
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