ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.3

  • Customer card, sales invoice, purchase invoice have been updated: the fields on sidebar are now arranged into categories.
  • Previously hidden report modules have been re-enabled: Coupons and Gift Cards, and Promotion Usage. (Promotion Usage Report is an extra module that needs to be enabled by customer support.)
  • Number of records per page is now remembered as a user preference — per user, per module.
  • Lithuanian translations updated.
  • Configuration parameter “credit_receipt_extra_footer” has been added.
  • Logo updated for one reseller.
  • For better compatibility with regular ERPLY back office, some terms has been changed:
    • Ship From → Location
    • Estimates → Quotes
    • Subscriptions → Billing statements

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: Reports → Inventory → “Create Central Purchase Orders” does not list non-stock products any more.
  • Fixed: Discount / Return Reason Codes on invoice form did not work.
  • Fixed: in certain configurations, a COGS report spanning both old inventory period and upgraded inventory period was slow.
  • Fixed: quantity-based prices in a store price list did not work in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed: when creating a sales invoice, ERPLY automatically loads “last quoted price” if there is a quote for that customer that has not expired yet. The price was calculated incorrectly if the quote and the invoice were in different currencies.
  • Fixed: when selling with a non-default currency, discounts on receipt printout and the “realPercentageDiscount” field on Actual Reports printouts were incorrect.
  • Fixed: When creating a new user from Employee card, the Employee card will automatically update after saving the user.
  • Fixed: when moving to next page in a table, ERPLY will return to the top of the list, not jump to the bottom.
  • Fixed: a new promotion is now always “automatic” by default (it is no longer necessary to manually select that option for the promotion to start working).
  • Fixed: When a product code or product name on receipt printout is too long, spaces are added to split it into parts, so that the long string would not break receipt layout.
  • Fixed: Reports (eg. Sales Report) now link to the “Inventory” card, instead of “PIM” card. Typically, the “Inventory” card might contain more relevant information.
  • Fixed: The “password” link was missing from Users module.
  • Fixed: “Print labels” → “Edit Template” button on product card did not work.
  • Fixed: it was not possible to edit product list on Promotion form (“Customer must buy one of these products” or “Customer will get a discount on one of these products”)
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