ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.12.0

New Features

  1. Compliance with General Data Protection Regulation can now be activated on demand on non-EU accounts, too — with configuration parameter "gdpr_features_enabled" = 1.
  2. A setting has been added: Settings → Configuration → “Inventory and purchase” → “”Show in webshop” is checked by default for new products and product groups”. To have all new products created with “Show in webshop” turned off by default, uncheck this box.
  3. “Anonymous printout” option has been added to sales documents. If a customer wants to be identified for the transaction, but does not want the printout to contain their personal information, select “Download anonymous printout” or “Send anonymous printout by email” from the “More…” dropdown or “Print / Send” dialog window.
  4. A “verification code” has been added to invoice and receipt printouts. With this code, we will be able to verify if a particular receipt or an invoice originates from Erply, and whether the transaction details are correct — or has the printout been forged or modified (eg. to commit tax fraud).

    On invoice printouts, the verification code also appears as a QR code.

  5. A customer’s web shop password can now be deleted. (Click on the “Delete” link next to the field and re-save the customer.)
  6. A user’s PIN can now be deleted. (Click on the “Delete” link next to the field and re-save the user.)
  7. Links “Select all” and “Select none” have been added to user form, next to the “Locations” heading, to check or uncheck all locations at once.
  8. In the Users list, if the list of locations (to which the user has access) is longer than 15, just a total number of locations will be displayed, instead of the name of each one. (Eg. “20/25”, meaning that user has access to 20 locations out of 25 total.)
  9. Report “Distribute Goods to Selected Location” in Reports → Inventory:
    • Now respects all filters (product group, category, brand, supplier, priority group; product; product extra fields 1-4);
    • Adds selected items to an existing open Transfer Order if one exists (ie., no longer creates a new Transfer Order each time);
    • In its suggestions ( “Total required” and “To be transfered”), it takes into account if a purchase order or transfer order has already been created.
  10. The product card of a matrix variation now displays what is the size and color of this variation, and provides a link to the parent product.


  1. On non-EU accounts, person names are now displayed again in the following reports:
    • Reports → Sales
    • Reports → Cost of Goods Sold
    • Reports → Invoices and payments
  2. Greek translations updated.
  3. One French translation updated.
  4. In Purchase → Purchase orders, unnecessary column “Deadline” has been replaced with “Delivery date”.
  5. On Stock Replenishment Report, in the “Packages to order” drop-down, packages are now listed in order of creation.
  6. Setting “In Berlin POS, plugins are mandatory” has been added to Settings → Configuration → POS. This is a pre-existing setting that can also be turned on or off from Berlin POS user interface. The check box in back office has been provided as a backup, for the case when POS cannot even be opened due to a broken plugin.


  1. Fixed: when fetching an Actual Reports sales document printout in a different language, product unit names were not translated.
  2. Fixed: on sales documents that use retail calculation algorithm, invoice lines appeared shifted (an extra field appeared on some lines).
  3. Fixed: searching for a purchase order by an alphanumeric order tracking number, or searching for a purchase invoice by an alphanumeric invoice number returned irrelevant search results.

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