ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.13.3


  1. There are now two variations of the Reward Point Balance Report (Customers → Reward Point Balance Report):
    1. “Reward point balances”
    2. “Reward point balances and recent transactions”

    Previously, we only offered the latter option. Due to the extra information displayed, the report was slow to calculate and was also disabled on larger accounts (accounts with more than 200,000 customers).

    The new, simpler view is an alternative that should work well even with larger data sets. Also, “Reward point balances and recent transactions” is no longer disabled on large accounts — but if the report takes too long to load, consider using the simpler option instead.

  2. In Settings → Configuration → Sending invoices by e-mail, email message text can now be defined for all languages.
  3. “Product” table in report generator now contains product names in all languages.


  1. Fixed: Sales reports in CSV format had an incorrect “.xls” file name extension.
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