ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.14.0

New features

  1. Actual Reports sales document printouts can now be sent by email.
  2. Improvements in user rights. Each of the following modules now has separate user rights:
    • Pick Items and Create an Order
    • Locations
    • Registers
    • Product Groups
    • Product Categories
    • Brands
    • Parameter Groups
    • Delivery Conditions
  3. It is now possible to set up a new franchise chain so that the HQ account will see all locations (warehouses), but each franchisee account will see only its own locations.
  4. Sales Summary report now displays the names of tax rates, in addition to the rate percentages, to better distinguish different taxes.


  1. When creating one sales document from another, fields “Packed by” and “Project” are now copied, too.
  2. Spanish translations have been updated.
  3. Security improvements.


  1. Fixed: a price-based tax with a base rate of 0% (eg. “General tax rate is 0%, but items over $150 are taxed 5% on the amount exceeding the threshold”) were incorrectly omitted from sales reports.
  2. Fixed: opening a sales report by customer, clicking “Generate CRM report”“Download in CSV format” produced a file that contained all customers, not only the ones appearing in the report.
  3. Fixed: even if user did not have the right to create invoices, they were able to create a sales order and then change its type.
  4. Fixed: on a sales document, “Print / Send”“Print HT​ML” actually opened a PDF document, not an HT​ML page.
  5. Fixed: it was not possible to change the number of items displayed per page in Settings → Log of deleted items.
  6. Fixed: “Register” drop-down on sales document displayed registers which did not belong to the currently selected location.
  7. Fixed: certain lookup dialogs (eg. the product search in bundle recipes) failed to load more search results when scrolling down.
  8. Fixed: form fields for Danish and Faroese names were mislabeled.
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