ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.14.1, 5.14.2

New features

  1. In addition to “Domestic”, “EU” and “Non-EU” categories for customers and sales documents, a fourth category has been added: “EU, with VAT”.

    This type can be applied to customers in other EU countries who are not VAT-registered (and are thus not entitled to 0% VAT), but who still need to be separately filterable in reports.

  2. Support for a newer Greek Type A fiscal checksum (“stream line”) has been added. This format can be activated with configuration parameter "fiscal_print_streamline"="typeA2".


  1. A setting has been added: Settings → Configuration → Invoices and sales → “Creating an invoice from a sales order / waybill, or copying an invoice preserves the “Shipment packed by” field”.

    Copying the “Shipment packed by” field was added in version 5.14.0, now it is configurable and by default off.

  2. It is no longer possible to add a new location from sales document form.
  3. Spanish (Spain) and Spanish (Argentina) translations updated.
  4. An optimization applied to inventory reports.


  1. One bug fix related to franchises.
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