ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.15.0 – 5.15.1

New Features

  1. Four new settings have been added to Settings → Configuration → Tax rates:
    • Default 0% VAT rate for sales within the European Union
    • Default 0% VAT rate for sales outside the European Union
    • Default 0% VAT rate for tax-free products
    • Default 0% VAT rate for customers exempt from tax

    The first two fields only appear on EU accounts.

  2. Purchase document form now hides “Purchase Price”, “Discount” and other columns for users who do not have the right to see product costs. This means that it is now OK to give module access to users who should not see product costs. They will be able to create and receive POs, without seeing supplier pricing.
  3. Rounding field on sales documents is now editable.
  4. Sales documents printouts now show “custom reference numbers”, for which support was added in API version 1.28.
  5. Fourth option for generating sales document reference numbers: “Invoice-based, with company prefix” — has been added. In this scheme, each invoice gets a unique reference number, but it will also have a fixed, unchanging, numeric prefix.

    To enable this scheme, go to Settings → Configuration → Sales document printouts and pick the new option from the drop-down field titled “Reference numbers on invoices”.

    When enabled, a new field will appear on company card: Settings → My company information → “Prefix for invoice reference numbers”. This is where you can define the prefix.

  6. On Swedish and Lithuanian accounts, it is possible to configure a “Fiscal device number” for each register. The value will appear on receipt printouts, as required by law.
  7. Configuration parameter "overwrite_money_decimals" has been added. The value should be an integer, indicating how may decimal places should be used for amounts of money (eg. invoice totals, retail prices).

    Vietnamese accounts may want to set the parameter’s value to 0. (Vietnam does not use currency sub-units.) Values larger than 2 are not recommended; typically, invoice calculation algorithm does not provide more precision anyway.

  8. On Vietnamese accounts, net prices no longer have decimal places by default. (If needed, restore decimals with configuration parameter "overwrite_price_decimals".)


  1. In most search dialogs, columns are now resizable.
  2. Optimizations in product export.
  3. Russian translations have been updated.
  4. Lithuanian translations have been updated.


  1. Fixed: company postal address in email footer no longer contains unnecessary spaces at the beginning of lines.
  2. Fixed: when creating a new sales document from customer card, customer’s payment deadline was not automatically loaded.
  3. Fixed: entering a free text product to a sales document and pressing Tab did not set row quantity to 1 by default.
  4. Fixed: price-based sales taxes (eg. “Base rate 5%, items with a sales price over $75 are taxed 9% on the amount exceeding the threshold”) were not accurately presented on receipt printouts.
  5. Fixed: setting “New sales order does not reserve goods by default” did not apply when Erply automatically split a partially fulfilled sales order into two parts.
  6. Fixed: when a partially fulfilled sales order had been split into 10 or more follow-up orders, all the following orders received the same "-10" number suffix, instead of each successive document getting a new suffix.
  7. Fixed: a sales order form will no longer highlight free-text rows as being out of stock, and will not display the warning “There is not enough stock on hand to fulfill the order”.
  8. Fixed: an invoice with an unpaid amount of $0.01 was not listed in reports “Overdue invoices”, “Unpaid invoices and balance statements” and other similar places.
  9. Fixed: if a stock product had been converted to a non-stock product, reports disagreed on whether the cost of that item’s historic sales should be reported as zero or non-zero. The reports now report the cost as zero.
  10. Fixed: clicking on a customer name in global search window applied that customer to the currently open sales document.
  11. Fixed: notification email “Purchase prices have changed” contained a broken link to the purchase document.
  12. Fixed: Link to the “Mobile Stocktaking” application was incorrect for Thai customers.
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