ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.16

  • When hovering with mouse over a form field, a small popover now shows the field name. This way, a field can be identified even if the full label is truncated.
  • Subsections on customer card are now displayed as tabs (below form fields), not as modal dialogs any more.
  • Actual Reports: Fields “assignedTo1” … “assignedTo3” and “timeSpent1” … “timeSpent3” added to Assignment printouts.
  • Actual Reports purchase document printouts: besides the product’s original name, it is now also possible to use the item name as it is written on the document.
  • Added check box “Do not show cash drawer openings (cash-in transactions with a sum of 0) in the Point of Sale and Payments Report” to Settings → Configuration. However, this requires API version 1.5.10 or newer.
  • Improvements to the bulk e-mailing dialog in the Invoices module.
  • Informational text “To generate matrix variations, click the “Matrix” button on the button bar.” added to product card.
  • The drop-down list with statuses “Used” / “Active” / “Pending” has been removed from Gift Card form. These statuses were not used by ERPLY. Instead, the form now shows the actual status of the card: whether it is active, redeemed or expired.
  • “Product and Service Groups” in the main menu have been renamed to “Product groups”, as Berlin back office does not support services.
  • Button “Create Transfer” added to the mobile view on Inventory Transfer Orders.
  • Technical change: added support for new configuration framework.

Bug fixes – sales

  • Fixed: Promotions were still being applied to sales invoices created from the back office, although by specification they should not have been. Back office should not apply any promotions to the sale; this is reserved for POS only. Currently we do not support promotions in the back office, because of possible issues that may arise when a sales document is saved and re-opened later, and the same promotions may not be in effect any more.
  • Fixed: An incorrect invoice total was displayed on Receipt form.
  • Fixed: product lookup on sales documents did not work in certain cases.
  • Fixed: the dialog for picking matrix variations on a sales or purchase document can now be scrolled horizontally if the table is to big to fit in view.
  • Fixed: selecting the first item by pressing “Enter” in product search dialog did not always work.
  • Fixed: the link “To ship the items, create a waybill or invoice-waybill” on a Sales Order did not work correctly.

Bug fixes – other

  • Adjustments and fixes to the layout of tables and forms.
  • Fixed: Stock Levels on product card were interpreted incorrectly when using US number format.
  • Fixed: multi-database franchises did not work with the Berlin back office.
  • Fixed: Physical Stocktaking counts were saved incorrectly and therefore the stocktaking summary reports did not show correct information.
  • Fixed: Selecting “Add New…” from a drop-down, writing a name and pressing Enter key no longer reloads the page.
  • Fixed: Link “Unblock” in Users list was missing.
  • Fixed: In “Product Groups” and “Product Categories” modules, the buttons and menu items “Add”, “Edit” and “Delete” were available even if user did not have the rights for those operations.
  • Fixed: On iPad landscape view, there was an empty area on the left side of the screen.
  • Fixed: In certain cases, the Stock Replenishment Report, with the filter “Show only products with stock on hand exceeding Restock Level” showed incorrect information.
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