ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.23, 5.3.24

  • Physical Stocktaking reports are now available again in Berlin back office. They have been moved to Reports → Stocktakings.
  • A setting has been added to Settings → Configuration → Configuration ->. Invoices and sales: ☑ New sales order does not reserve goods by default.
  • Changed receipt printout, so that it always displays the discount percentage set by POS, and does not attempt to re-calculate it. This also means that with configuration parameter"product_price_discount_basis" = "pricelist" or "product_card" it is now possible to set which price the discount should be calculated from, and cashier will see this on the Berlin POS screen, and receipt printout will show the same discount percentage. Previously this parameter did not affect receipt printout.
  • The “wrench” icon (which opens a dialog with more options, eg. in Sales → Invoices) has been replaced with three dots: “…”
  • New extra module added to the back office: “Master List”. For more information, please contact customer support.
  • Fixed: the “status bar” on sales documents did not show that an invoice had been created from a waybill.
  • Fixed: users who had only access to Quotes, but not Invoices, could not copy existing quotes.
  • Fixed: automatic transfer of returned items to offline inventory now takes place whenever there is a negative quantity with an appropriate reason code on a sales invoice. Formerly, this only worked with credit invoices. Additionally, the feature can now be enabled and disabled from Settings → Configuration → Inventory and Purchase – Enable Extra Features: a check box ☑ Enable discount and return reason codes on sales invoices has been added.
  • One Latvian translation changed.
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