ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.28

New features

  • Promotions can now have a condition “… when customer buys specific items in a certain price range”. This can be used for setting up “tiered promotions”, where all items in a certain price range (eg. $50-$69) get a new, fixed price.


  • Improvement: Sales Report no longer displays a column for each tax rate that has been defined in the system. Columns with no values are omitted.
  • In locations list, the column “Number of users with store access” now excludes the built-in support user.
  • Some Russian translations updated.


  • Fixed: making a Purchase Invoice from Purchase Order did not copy tax rates over.
  • Fixed: issues with the “Latvian invoice numbers” feature. Now it can be also used in other countries than Latvia.
  • Fixed: Report “Distribute Goods To Selected Location” gave an “insufficient user rights” error.
  • Fixed: automatic update of matrix variations (when the parent product’s information was changed) did not update the variations’ last change timestamp.

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