ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.29

New features

  • In a search dialog, columns can now be resized.
  • When starting a new physical stocktaking, it is now possible to filter the set of products both by predefined warehouse locations as well as free-text warehouse locations.
  • Added configuration parameter "report_generator_max_multiselect_items". This adjusts the threshold (number of records) at which the report generator starts displaying a filter as a regular text field, instead of a multi-select dropdown with all the options listed.
  • Support for promotions requiring manager’s approval has been added.
    • A group of users can be elevated to store manager status by marking the check box “☑ Approve POS operations that require manager override (in Berlin POS)”
    • A promotion can be marked with check box “☑ Promotion requires manager override”. A promotion with that flag can only be applied by store managers; if the cashier does not have sufficient rights, Berlin POS will pop up a dialog for manager approval.
  • Added new code fields (Code 5, Code 6, Code 7, Code8) to product card. These codes can be used on printouts, in product search (if you enable configuration parameterssearch_product_by_code4, search_product_by_code5, search_product_by_code6, search_product_by_code7 or search_product_by_code8) and in API getProduct and saveProducts. This is an extra feature that customer support can enable when needed.


  • A status bar has been added to Inventory Transfers and Transfer Orders, providing links to source documents and follow-up documents.
  • Module “Purchase → Import PI rows from TXT” has been updated.
  • Some Russian translations updated.
  • Finnish translations updated.
  • On login screen, there is no background picture any more.


  • Fixed: links pointed to wrong documents in the “PO Report”.
  • Fixed: fonts in the user interface were displayed in wrong weight in Safari and Firefox.
  • Fixed: it was not possible to add a product without a name to a price list.
  • Fixed: in PIM → Product Catalog, the product group tree in the sidebar could not be used for filtering.
  • Fixed: using keyboard to select a product on invoice form fills the field with a wrong value.
  • Fixed: in back office windows that had been opened from POS, Back buttons did not work.
  • Fixed: e-mailing receipts from POS or from the back office did not work on certain servers.
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