ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.3.33

New features

  • On purchase documents it is now possible to specify the quantity in packages.


  • The following forms and lists now show date and time according to location time zone (if you have a multi-time zone business and some locations are in a different time zone):
    • Timeclock entries.
    • Time and Attendance Report. (Also, “Location” column has been added to the report.)
    • POS day openings and closings. (The Z Report was already showing them in correct time zone, but form and list were not.)
    • Payments. (The Z Report was already showing them in correct time zone, but payment form was not.)
  • The following fields have been restored on sales documents:
    • “Sales project”
    • “Print with actual product/service names”
  • Customer’s bank name and account number have been added to Actual Reports sales document printouts.


  • Fixed: when adding a matrix product to a purchase document in non-default currency, the price is now populated correctly.
  • Fixed: In some cases, specifying variation quantities in the matrix dialog on a purchase document did not add the selected variations onto the document.

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