ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.4.0

New features

  • Supplier Price List module has been restored. (Contact our support to enable this)
  • supp_price_list
  • A full-featured mobile main menu has been added. In mobile view, all modules of the system are accessible now.
  • It is now possible to create a Quote from an Assignment. The list of Quotes, Orders or Invoices at the bottom of an Assignment form provides more information about each document.
  • assignement
  • Configuration parameter "force_pricing_logic_algorithm" implemented. This parameter overrides country-specific rules for price handling. (Contact our support to enable this)
  • Added configuration parameter locations_not_displayed_in_central_purchasing, to specify locations that should not be displayed in the Central Purchasing Report. The value of the parameter should be a comma-separated list of location IDs. (Contact our support to enable this)
  • New configuration parameter "regular_locations_in_central_purchasing". This can contain a comma-separated list of location IDs. Set it if you want to categorize locations into “regular locations” and “customer locations”, for the Central Purchasing report. The difference is that from customer locations, surplus items (those exceeding Restock Level) are never sent to other stores. From regular locations, surplus items can be sent to other stores and Central Purchasing takes it into account, and recommends to order less if there is a surplus somewhere. By default, all locations are considered “regular locations”; set this configuration parameter to turn the others into “customer locations”. (Contact our support to enable this)
  • Added a new check box for user groups: “☑ Edit item price on return without receipt (Berlin POS and Offline POS)”


  • Internal reorganization in multiple reports.


  • Fixed: It was not possible to edit or add reason codes on a confirmed Sales Invoice.
  • Fixed: Scroll bar disappeared on Invoice form when first selecting a customer (from the customer picker) and then a product (from the product picker).
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