ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.5.0

New features

  • Invoice, Quote and Order forms have been significantly updated. Invoice, Quote, and Sales order rows have several new columns which were missing before: Packages, Units, Batches, Customer Requested Delivery Date, Supplier Quoted Delivery Date. To save space on screen, the columns are organized under three tabs: “Price”, “Inventory” and “Retail”. Tabs can be switched with key combinations.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 14.24.52

  • The setting “Invoice printout shows lines grouped by waybill number” in Settings → Configuration → Sales document printouts now works as well.
  • Invoice, Quote and Order forms now display if a document is associated with multiple source documents — or if multiple follow-up documents have been created. Clicking on the text “Order 100001, …” on the yellow bar will reveal the full list of related documents.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 14.26.29

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 14.26.23

  • New module “Extra product card fields” has been added. (This module must be enabled by customer support.) It allows to add 4 extra categorizations to the product catalog, in addition to the five built-in ones (Group, Category, Priority Group, Brand, Supplier). The four extra fields will appear as drop-downs on product card, and each one of them can be toggled on or off (disabled if the field is not needed). The options in each drop-down can be customized by the user. These extra fields can be used as filters in the Product List module, as filters in reports, as filters in product export, in report generator and on Actual Reports printouts.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 14.41.22

  • Field “Packages” added to Inventory Transfers. The quantity of each item to be transfered can now also be specified by package type and number of packages. (This feature needs to be enabled by customer support.)

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 14.42.47

  • The ability to copy price lists has been added. The “Copy” option can be found under the “… (F4)” button.
  • “Home Store” and “Sign-up Store” fields added to customer card.

New configuration parameters for reports

  • In “Products in Stock” report, the “Available”, “On Order” and “In Transfer” quantities can now also be shown in packages (eg. 200 pcs in stock = 4 boxes). This can be enabled with configuration parameter "show_packages_in_inventory_report" = 1.
  • Configuration parameter "show_all_products_in_central_purchasing" = 1 has been added. When enabled, the report Reports → Inventory → Central Purchasing → Create Central Purchase Orders will show all products, and will not suggest any reorder amounts (user can manually enter all the quantities to order).
  • Optional filter “Show products with main warehouse inventory greater than 0” added to the Central Purchasing Report. Note that for this filtering option to become available, you need the aforementioned configuration parameter "show_all_products_in_central_purchasing" = 1, and you need to define your Main Warehouse in Settings → Configuration.


  • Purchase Reports, PO Report, Stock Replenishment Report, product export now respect the configuration parameter "users_can_see_only_own_warehouse_documents".
  • Configuration setting "show_card_payments_basic_info_on_receipt" can now be enabled for US and Canadian accounts, too. (Formerly, this parameter was ignored and receipts always showed full card data.)
  • All-uppercase text in Greek is now displayed correctly (without vowel accents).
  • Re-enabled the ability to print customer address labels with Actual Reports (from the Customers module).
  • Re-enabled the ability to print product labels from a PO / PI (Purchase document form → “… (F4)” button → “Print labels”)
  • Polish translations updated.
  • Lithuanian translations updated.
  • Button “Delete all rows” on a purchase document now asks for a confirmation.


  • Fixed: Creating an invoice from sales order will no longer change the order’s creator and creation time.
  • Fixed: Product images were not displayed on PDF quote printouts.
  • Fixed: The module “Task Types” was not visible under Settings.
  • Fixed: Menu item “Purchase → Import PI rows from TXT” displayed an error.
  • Fixed: Sales documents created over API, for which API has assigned a number, were sometimes not searchable by that number.
  • Fixed: Issues related to special franchise setups.
  • Fixed: In special franchise setups, it was not possible to create recurring billing invoices.
  • Fixed: Issues related to selecting table rows with check boxes.
  • Fixed: The warning “Please fill the “Customer” field” on sales documents was not cleared when selecting a customer.
  • Fixed: When making an invoice from sales order, the “Deadline” field was not populated with payment deadline defined in Settings → Configuration.
  • Fixed: bulk printing Quotes with Actual Reports sometimes printed incorrect documents.
  • Fixed: Using a workaround, it was possible to delete tax rates and locations (which normally are not allowed to be deleted).
  • Fixed: Filter “or enter several service codes” in Sales → Recurring Billing sometimes produced an error.
  • Fixed: Sending invoices over e-mail in bulk generated duplicate records in the “Tasks” module, and under “E-mail log” on invoice form.
  • Fixed: Filters in the Assignments → Appliances module were not working.
  • Fixed: The product search pop-up on Purchase Orders / Purchase Invoices did not show prices with VAT.
  • Fixed: clarified the informative text on the “Recipe” subsection, for assembly products.
  • Fixed: the “Product Catalog” subsection on a product card did not check for product code uniqueness in the same way as the “Inventory” subsection.
  • Fixed: On an Inventory Write-off and Registration made from stocktaking, it was not possible to delete rows before first saving the document.
  • Fixed: The search field “Invoice #” in Sales → invoices, or the field “Inv./Order No.” in Sales → Purchases sometimes produced an error.
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