ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.5.2

New features

  • The following reports now show the amount on order (purchase orders not yet fulfilled) and the amount being transferred from other locations (amount on Inventory Transfer Orders, not yet fulfilled) in two separate columns:
    • Stock Replenishment Report;
    • “Matrix Inventory Report + Period Purchase and Sales”;
    • “Create Central Purchase Orders”;
    • “Distribute Goods to Selected Location”.
  • New variation of Sales Reports has been added: “By Matrix Product, with Drilldown”.


  • Fixed: In Polish translation, the language name must be “Polski”.
  • Fixed: In Reports, it was not possible to use the “Product” filter if the product had no name.
  • Fixed: Menu items “Product extra field 1…4” have been moved to the correct menu (PIM, instead of Inventory).
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