ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.8.0

New features

  • The back office now displays a notification if a version upgrade has taken place.
  • When adding products to a sales document, the product search dialog now allows to pick multiple items. A new check box, titled “Keep window open”, has been added to the dialog. If you check this box, selecting a product will not dismiss the search window. The window will stay open, and will allow to select more items, or even to run a new search.
  • “Contact Us” menu option has been added into the top right corner menu; clicking this link will open a box with customer support phone number and e-mail address.
  • “Prepayment VAT” has been added to the printouts of standard prepayment invoices.
  • On sales documents that have been created from Assignments, a link to the original Assignment is now displayed on the yellow bar at the top of the page.
  • In Settings → Configuration → Matrix Products, it is now possible to specify that product code 3 … code 8 should also be updated on all matrix variations when you change the code on the parent product.


  • French translations have been added. French can be enabled on French and Canadian accounts by customer support.
  • Latvian translations have been updated.
  • A few Lithuanian translations have been corrected.
  • On confirmed Invoice-Waybills, Waybills, Receipts and Credit Invoices, product names (ie., item descriptions that appear on the printout) can now be edited.
    • On other types of sales documents, and on unconfirmed invoices, it has already been possible to edit an item’s description. (Every edit will trigger the product search dialog, but this can be dismissed.) On confirmed documents, it was not possible to edit the description at all; this restriction has been lifted.
  • When using the Assignments module, back office automatically generates a sales document, with type “Lay-by” or “Layaway”, for each Assignment, to ensure that products on the assignments will be reserved in stock. These automatically generated documents are no longer displayed in the Invoices module. (Back office manages them automatically and these documents should not be edited by hand.)
  • Field “privateNotes” is now available on Actual Reports sales document printouts.
  • Search field “Payer” (which searches by the payer’s name imported from bank) has been added to Sales → Payments.
  • Report generator: fields “Received Purchase Orders (Our no.)” and “Received Purchase Orders (Tracking no.)” have been added to purchase invoices.
  • A few optimizations in physical stocktaking.


  • Fixed: Deleting a line from a sales document caused some of the subsequent edits to apply to wrong lines.
  • Fixed: on a sales document, adding multiple matrix variations in the middle of the document will no longer overwrite the following rows.
  • Fixed: on a franchise account, it was not possible to change a user’s password.
  • Fixed: it was not possible to delete the first product group discount from a price list.
  • Fixed: when creating a sales document from an Assignment, VAT was applied to the prices twice.
  • Fixed: when switching customer on an Assignment, prices of parts and repairs unnecessarily changed in certain cases.
  • Fixed: if a Waybill had been created from an Assignment, ERPLY did not allow to make an Invoice from that Waybill.
  • Fixed: when a Sales Order had been created from an Assignment, and an Invoice was created from that Order, the Order continued to reserve goods and the Orders module displayed duplicate references to the created invoice.
  • Fixed: it was not possible to use date format “dd-mm-yyyy”; any date entered into a date field, or picked from the mini-calendar, got corrupted.
  • Fixed: back office will now display an error message when user saves a document and an invalid date has been entered on the form. (Previously, not catching that error might have resulted in a document being created without a date.)
  • Fixed: on iPhone, numeric fields did not allow to enter negative numbers, because the keyboard that appeared did not contain a “minus” key. (Now, a more complete keyboard appears for these fields.)
  • Fixed: Sales totals on Stock Replenishment Report were not linked to a sales report.
  • Fixed: it was not possible to update an address on Customer form, if the check box “Use POS with touchscreen interface” in Settings → Configuration was unchecked.
  • Fixed: when opening a purchase invoice or product card from Purchase Report, it was not possible to save any edits in that window.
  • Fixed: When printing a Purchase Invoice or Purchase Order in a foreign language, “free-text items” did not have a name. The “Product” column was blank.
  • Fixed: When printing out multiple sales documents, they were occasionally printed on top of each other.
  • Fixed: Incorrect label in Sales Orders module. A filter was labeled “Invoice payer” when it should have actually been “Ship To”.
  • Fixed: reordering product groups, or product categories, by dragging them around in the tree did not update the product group’s or category’s “last modification time” time stamp.
  • Fixed: Payment import from SEB, Swedbank and LHV (Estonia): now a payment will be imported even if the line does not contain payer’s account number, only payer name.
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