ERPLY Berlin Back Office version 5.9.3


  1. Fixed: the Show only items in stock“ check box in Inventory → Inventory was disabled by mistake.
  2. Fixed: opening a deleted sales document, purchase document or customer card (by directly supplying its ID) will now correctly inform that this record no longer exists. Additionally, opening a deleted sales document might have formerly produced a “System update“ message.
  3. Fixed: “Timeclock entries“ table did not show records that were not associated with an employee.
  4. Fixed: in case a timeclock record has a missing start time or end time, the Time and Attendance Report will now leave the amount of hours empty, instead of reporting a huge value.
  5. Fixed: The “Recipe“ window on a bundle product or assembly product card will now list all components, not only the first 20.
  6. Fixed: In the “Recipe“ dialog, columns are now resizable.

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