ERPLY Books is now Integrated with Swedbank Estonia

ERPLY Books, founded in 2011, is a cloud-based accounting software that first started off as a solution for small businesses. In the short six years in the business, we have managed to transform into professional accounting software suitable from small to large enterprises. Not to mention the latest success story about integration with ERPLY Books and Swedbank. With its impressive set of features, ERPLY Books surely does know how to manage your accounting seamlessly.

ERPLY Books has all the accounting features necessary – manual journals, general ledger, sales, fixed assets, payroll, report generator, etc,.

Integration with Swedbank:

  • ERPLY Books synchronises all banking transactions.
  • Without any user-based regulations, majority of payments will be automatically connected to invoices and accounts.
  • If you want to make purchase invoices/salaries/other payments, you can do so by clicking on the button “Send to bank”. You do not have to download or upload any files.
  • ERPLY Books will send the payments to the bank – the final confirmation of payment must be given on the Internet Bank.
  • You can automate the payment process by using the purchase inbox and confirming invoices.

To get additional information about ERPLY Books, read more online or get in touch with ERPLY Books via e-mail: We will help you find the best solution to simplify your accounting.

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