ERPLY Classic Back Office version 4.14.0-4.14.4

New Features

  1. Support for taxed gift cards has been added. This is related to EU Council Directive 2016/1065, which defines the concept of “single-purpose vouchers” and requires gift cards to be sold with VAT if possible. Please contact Erply helpdesk to receive more detailed support materials and to learn what workflows we recommend.
  2. Ability to change usernames to email addresses (which was introduced in Classic back office version 4.13) has

    ERPLY Classic Back Office version 4.14.0

  3. been removed, and back office no longer recommends users to change their username to an email address.
  4. In addition to “Domestic”, “EU” and “Non-EU” categories for customers and sales documents, a fourth category has been added: “EU, with VAT”. This type can be applied to customers in other EU countries who are not VAT-registered (and are thus not entitled to 0% VAT), but who still need to be separately filterable in reports.
  5. Sales documents printouts now show “custom reference numbers”, for which support was added in API version 1.28.
  6. On Swedish and Lithuanian accounts, it is possible to configure a “Fiscal device number” for each register. The value will appear on receipt printouts, as required by law.


  1. Changing password on the “My preferences” page now requires entering the existing password, too.
  2. An assignment printout now displays store phone number, instead of company’s general phone number.
  3. Russian translations have been updated.
  4. Lithuanian translations have been updated.


  1. Fixed: Clock in & clock out did not work for users with a longer username.
  2. Fixed: when adding an attribute to a VAT rate, the value did not get saved.
  3. Fixed: Product labels did not contain pictures.
  4. Fixed: report “Sales and Payments By Date” displayed the cost of sold goods even if user did not have the right to see costs.
  5. Fixed: an invoice created from a sales order did not display the amount prepaid by customer.
  6. Fixed: on a sales document, picking a non-stock product will no longer display the warning “This product is out of stock”.
  7. Fixed: it was not possible to have multiple bulk emailing windows open at the same time. (Opening a new window replaced the previous one.)
  8. Fixed: “Confirm” button was displayed to users who did not have the right to edit that document.
  9. Fixed: an invoice with an unpaid amount of $0.01 was not listed in reports “Overdue invoices”, “Unpaid invoices and balance statements” and other similar places.
  10. Report “Inventory Summary” displayed incorrect totals when applying the “Location” filter.
  11. Fixed: if a stock product had been converted to a non-stock product, reports disagreed on whether the cost of that item’s historic sales should be reported as zero or non-zero. The reports now report the cost as zero.
  12. Fixed: notification email “Purchase prices have changed” contained a broken link to the purchase document.
  13. Fixed: Link to the “Mobile Stocktaking” application was incorrect for Thai customers.
  14. Amount in EEK has been removed from purchase document printouts.
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