ERPLY Classic Back Office version 4.15.0 – 4.15.1


  1. A few adjustments have been made to taxed gift cards (introduced in version 4.14).

    For taxed gift cards to work correctly (to be able to sell and redeem them in POS, and to have proper reporting in back office), API in your server must be updated to version 1.31, and your account must have at least Classic back office 4.15 or Berlin back office 5.16.

  2. If configuration parameter "show_all_products_in_central_purchasing" = 1 has been applied to your account, Central Purchasing Report will offer one additional filtering option: “Show products with main warehouse inventory greater than 0”.

    Note: this configuration parameter changes the way Central Purchasing Report works. With default settings, Central Purchasing Report analyzes your inventory and lists only items that it suggests to re-order. With configuration parameter "show_all_products_in_central_purchasing" = 1, no analysis is performed. The report lists the whole product catalog (or, with the new filtering option, only items in stock in main warehouse), and you can fill in the order quantities yourself.

    “Main warehouse” can be defined on the Settings → Configuration page.

  3. A drop-down titled “User interface” has been added to the “My preferences” page. In the future, this drop-down will list available user interface themes and let back office to be personalized.


  1. Fixed: In Sales Report, sales tax / VAT columns containing only negative amounts were not displayed.
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